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Whispering Miracles Equestrian Center is a private and premier world-class equestrian facility located near the beaches of Virginia Beach.

Situated on nearly 100 acres, our equestrian center is a well-designed, state-of-the-art, well-maintained equestrian facility with superior footing and one of the largest attached indoor arena in Virginia.

We strive to be the choice equestrian venue for our boarders, exhibitors, spectators, and sponsors both locally and along the mid-Atlantic region.

We continue to enhance and upgrade the center to provide the best equestrian experience for our boarders, competitors and spectators.

Contact us for a tour of our equestrian center.



  • Steel constructed barn
  • 270' x 130' attached indoor riding arena with superior footing by FootingFirst® .
    • Equestrian Buffer Underlayment System™
    • Dust free TravelBright™
  • 54 stalls each with auto-watering system
  • Auto fly system
  • 7 wash stalls with hot/cold running water
  • Spacious tack lockers


  • 2 Dressage riding rings with lights
  • 2 Hunter/Jumper riding rings with lights
  • 1 flat ring
  • Exhibitor stalls
  • Rubber pavers to riding arenas
  • Lush pastures with shelters
  • Shelters
  • Bridle paths on the property
  • Horse trailer parking
  • Industrial backup generator

Whispering Miracles proudly and successfully held our first USDF/USEF recognized show in July of 2022. A level II dressage show, classes offered included Introductory through FEI. We were pleased to see it and subsequent shows well attended! Competitor and spectator comments were wonderful!

We look forward to holding additional recognized shows for USEF & USDF regional competitors beginning Spring of 2023.

Watch for other rated horse shows to come to our show grounds.

Show Grounds

  • 5 regulation exterior riding rings with lights
  • PA Sound System
  • Judges' stands
  • Secretary stand
  • 50 12x12 exhibitor stabling with doors
  • Exterior wash stalls
  • Parking for horse trailers & vehicles
  • Spectator seating

2022 & 2023 Show/Clinic Calendar

For show information click on the name of the show or clinic.

Date Show / Clinic
Jan 21 & 22
8a to 5p
Natalie Lamping Dressage Clinic
May 27, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 3 USDF# 343156
May 28, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 3 USDF# 343168
June 10, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 2 USDF# 343157
June 11, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 2 USDF# 343169
July 15 & 16 *Janet Foy Dressage Clinic
Details coming soon
July 22, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 3 USDF# 342629
July 23, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 3 USDF# 343167
Sept 9, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 3 USDF# 343457
Sept 10, 2023 *Whispering Miracles Dressage Show
Level 3 USDF# 343458

*Indicates USDF Recognized Competition (Region 1)

Whispering Miracles offers full and pasture board with many wonderful amenities. Boarders are welcome to use their own veterinarians and farriers.

Board includes:

  • Use of the facility and grounds
  • Feeding and haying
  • Personal tack locker
  • Dispensing of:
    • Wormers
    • Owner supplied supplements
    • Prescribed medications

Full Board

Also includes:

  • Daily turnout
  • Fresh Bedding
  • Daily stall cleaning


Riding Lessons

Whispering Miracles believes in our motto “Let Your Light Shine” and takes great pride in providing a top-notch equestrian training facility for the dressage, hunter, jumper disciplines without discrimination.

Whispering Miracles offers riding lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advanced riders who wish to learn and hone their skills.

Our boarders train without limits in their chosen discipline allowing their light to shine!


Our superb instructors were chosen for their immense knowledge and skills in the riding disciplines of dressage, hunter and jumper.

Outside instructors are welcome but must have their own insurance.