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In accordance with USEF guidelines concerning VS, Whispering Miracles will be restricting entries from VS affected states.

We are pleased to announced Michael Poulin, our Saturday judge, will be doing a "Test Review Clinic" on Sunday

Official Qualifying Competition for:

  • 2023 USDF/GAIG Regional Championships
  • 2023 CBLM Championships


  • Cesar Torrent (S)
  • Michael Poulin (S)

Prize List & Program

Classes Offered

Ribbons will be awarded 1st through 6th place per class.
Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF Rule book will be conducted and judged in accordance therewith.

Sat. Sun. Test
1A 2A Introductory Level Test A
1C 2C Introductory Level Test C
101 201 USEF Training Level, Test 1
102 202 USEF Training Level, Test 2
103 203 USEF Training Level, Test 3*
111 211 USEF First Level, Test 1
112 212 USEF First Level, Test 2
113 213 USEF First Level, Test 3*
121 221 USEF Second Level, Test 1
122 222 USEF Second Level, Test 2
123 223 USEF Second Level, Test 3*
131 231 USEF Third Level, Test 1
132 232 USEF Third Level, Test 2
133 233 USEF Third Level, Test 3*
141 241 USEF Fourth Level, Test 1
142 242 USEF Fourth Level, Test 2
143 243 USEF Fourth Level, Test 3*
144 244 USDF Musical Freestyle Test of Choice*
145 245 Dressage Seat Equitation
151 251 FEI Prix St. George*
152 252 FEI Intermediate I*
153 253 FEI Intermediate A
154 254 FEI Intermediate B
155 255 FEI Intermediate II*
156 256 FEI Grand Prix*
157 257 FEI Musical Freestyle*
158 258 Materiale 3/4/5 YO Fillies/Mares
159 259 Materiale 3/4/5 YO Colt/Stallions/Geldings
160 260 Young Horse Test of Choice
161 261 7YO Horse Test of Choice
*GAIG/USDF qualifying optional (add $15 to class fee)

Entry Information

**Online entries closed June 4**
Day of show entries will be accepted by show secretary.

Entry Requirements Include:
  • Complete and signed entry form
  • Proof of negative Coggins certificate
    • Certificate must indicate date drawn which must be within one year prior to date of show
  • Proof of EHV-1 (Flu-Rhino)
    • Vaccination administered within 6 months prior to day of show as required by USEF Rule GR845
  • Proof of USEF & USDF membership
Freestyle Competitors Requirements
  • Please include your name, horse's name and freestyle level
  • Your music may be submitted via the upload link on the entry confirmation or it may be emailed.
  • Be present for your sound check.
  • Know the rules for the level you are riding. This includes forbidden and permitted movements for your level.

Tips for Completing your Entry

We are pleased to have the team from Dressage Experience Show Management secretary our shows! Please review their tips below to easily complete their online entry form.

  • Fill in every blank, even if you don't think it applies or you can't imagine why it's relevant, there is a reason the blank is there, fill it in.
  • Proof of your USEF and USDF Membership cards is required and VERY important! You must send it with every entry.
  • You must include proof of horse registration, and membership cards for EVERYONE listed on the front of your entry form.
  • Membership Requirements for USEF-licensed/USDF recognized Competitions:
    • Owners and riders, including foreign riders and owners who are not residents of the US, wishing to participate in a USEF-Licensed/USDF-recognized competition as a rider or owner/lessee, must have either a USDF Group Membership (GMO), Participating Membership (PM), or have a USDF Non-Member (NM) identification number and pay the USDF Non-Member (NM) fee.
    • Note: USDF Business Members can own horses but cannot compete as riders with their USDF Business Membership.
    • Individuals cannot compete at a USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competition with a USDF Education Membership.
    • Horses competing at USEF-licensed/USDF-recognized competitions must have either a USDF Horse Identification (HID) number or a USDF Lifetime Horse Registration (LHR). Proper credentials or verification certificates must be presented to the competition secretary.
    • Here is a way to easily print out a membership proof in one or two pages that you can save to your computer and use all season if you use the same horse all season:
      • Go to http://www.eqverification.org/
      • Select "Print verification"
      • Select "Select an affiliate"
      • Select "United States Dressage Federation"
      • Select "Continue"
      • Follow the prompts from there.
    • To add a coach or trainer who is not already the owner or rider select "add rider"
    • When you are finished it will print out a page of membership verification for everyone on your entry.
    • The "Trainer" on your entry form is the person responsible for your horse while it is on the show grounds not the person who gives you lessons.
    • The person who gives you lessons is the "Coach". If your coach will not be at the show, do not list them on the entry form, leave that section blank.
    • You must have a signature on your entry for the Rider/Handler, Trainer, Owner and Coach (if you listed a coach).
  • Make sure you list an emergency contact with a phone number, it is required.
  • If the rider is a minor, they must still sign as the rider. There is a spot for the parent/guardian to sign as well, but BOTH must sign.
  • Remember that by signing the entry form you are signing that you have read and agree to abide by the USEF rulebook and you have read the entire prize list.
  • Many of the pages in each prize list are the same from show to show but you may want to take a quick breeze through them from time to time to make sure you are aware of any recent rule changes. Or specific membership needs for certain competitions you may be hoping to qualify for.
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We want everyone to have a successful show.


Exhibitor Quick Links

Tap or click to open document or call a number. Links will be available and updated as show draws closer.

Show Officials & Staff

Show Fees

Item Fee
Introductory Level through Fourth including USDF Musical Freestyle $55
Dressage Seat Equitation $40
FEI Test including FEI Musical Freestyles $75
USEF Drugs & Medication Fee
Mandatory for all entries except Opportunity
Office Fee
Mandatory for each entry - Non-Refundable
Incomplete Entry Fee
Entries submitted without proper documentation
USDF Non-Member Fee $35
Non-Compete Fee $40
Post Entry Fee
Any entry received after closing date
Stabling for weekend
(Friday arrival through Sunday departure)
Bedding - Per Bag
Must be purchased at show. Outside bedding is not permitted
Return Check Fee $40
Spectator Parking - Per vehicle per day
Located just inside entrance and may be limited. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Submitting Show Fees

  • Pay through online entry form until June 4 , 2023
  • Mailed along with entry and check to:
    • Ellen Brindle-Clark
      13 Bunting Av
      Burlington, NJ 08016
  • Pay day of show at Secretary Stand
  • Checks payable to: Whispering Miracles Dressage

If show is cancelled due to lack of entries, full refunds will be issued. If show is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions (i.e. State of Emergency declaration) no refunds will be issued. There will be no refunds after the closing date for any reason. Scratches received prior to closing will receive a full refund.

Refund Details...

Show Grounds

Map of show grounds

Arena Specifications:

  • 65m x 40m - Warm up arena - sand/clay mixture
  • 65m x 40m - One competition arena - sand/clay mixture
  • 65m x 80m - Two competition rings in one arena - Dust Free - Travel Bright Footing
Show More...

  • Night watch is available
  • 50 permanent stalls (12x12) with gated doors, matted flooring with adequate lighting and power.
  • Stall Chart will be available Thursday prior to show. And may be subject to change.
  • Stall reservations should be made early as stalls may be limited.
  • Exterior wash stalls
  • Parking for horse trailers & vehicles adjacent to stalls
  • Stall Bedding:
    • Bedding fee is not included in stabling charge.
    • Bedding is $15.00/bag.
    • Bedding can be ordered in advance through the Online Entry Form.
    • No outside shavings is permitted.
    • Whispering Miracles will charge a $100 fine for anyone bringing in shavings from outside the facility.
Show More...

Sharps Container:
  • Located at the Show Secretary stand.
  • Please use them appropriately or fines will be assessed per USEF guidelines.
  • All exhibitors and their agents are responsible for the proper disposal of this waste.
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Main Barn Access
  • Only active Whispering Miracles Equestrian Center staff and boarders are permitted inside main barn while show is in progress.
  • If you would like to schedule a tour of the facilities, please ask a member of the Whispering Miracles Equestrian Center staff.
Show Details...

  • Follow signs or see map for exhibitor & spectator parking
  • Exhibitor parking is located adjacent to the exhibitor stall area.
  • Spectator parking is located just inside entrance to grounds and is $5 per vehicle.
  • Parking area in front of barn is reserved for Whispering Miracles' personnel and show staff.
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  • Dogs are not permitted on Whispering Miracles show grounds.
  • Do not leave pets unattended in vehicles
Show Details...

USEF/USDF Information

May be found in the prizelist and the USEF/USDF websites.

GPS: 2508 W. Landing Rd, Virginia Beach, VA


From I-64 (approx. 13 miles)
  • Take the Indian River Rd Exit #286B
  • Continue on Indian River Rd to W. Neck Rd
  • Turn right onto W. Neck Rd
  • Turn right onto W. Landing Rd.
  • The equestrian center will be just down road on the right.
Show More...

From Town Center area (approx. 13 miles)
  • Travel south on S. Independence Blvd
  • Go to the right at the split to continue on S. Independence Blvd
  • Turn left onto Princess Anne Rd
  • Turn right onto Nimmo Pkwy
  • Turn left onto W. Neck Rd
  • Turn right onto W Landing Rd
  • The equestrian center will be just down road on the right.
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From Ocean Front/Atlantic Ave (approx 13 miles)
  • Drive south onto Pacific Ave, (it will turn into General Booth Blvd)
  • Continue south on General Booth Blvd
  • Turn left onto Princess Anne Rd
  • Turn right to continue onto Princess Anne Rd
  • Turn right onto Indian River Rd
  • Turn left onto West Neck Rd
  • Turn right onto W Landing Rd
  • The equestrian center will be just down road on the right.
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Concessions & Vendors

  • Concessions
    • Sallie Smoothies Food Truck
      Located outside of the main barn.

Stay & Dine Locally

Whispering Miracles does not endorse any given business below. Clicking links below will take you out of the Whispering Miracles website.

Nearby Hotels

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Nearby RV Accomodations

There are no RV accomodations onsite at this time.

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Nearby Dining

Hospitality area and food trucks will be available during show hours. We would like to suggest the following nearby dining areas during your stay in the area.

Show nearby dining...
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